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Nikon D500: Ramblings

I've gone and done it again. I bought a camera that I had never seen before. Or used. Or read a proper review of. What gives?

The last DX camera (Nikon parlance for 1.5x crop factor DSLR's) I owned was the Nikon D300S, and I sold it way back in 2012. Almost a lifetime in camera terms. Since then I've missed the combination of reach and speed that a good DX body offers for wildlife photography. As much as I missed my D300S, advantages like high ISO performance, dynamic range and autofocus performance made the switch to a D800/D4 combination a no-brainer. Until now. Why not a D7200 you may ask? The smaller form factor of the body, but mostly a very shallow buffer were the major issues for me.

10fps, decent high ISO performance, cutting edge AF all wrapped up in a tough body - what was not to like? My D4 went on sale the same day I ordered the D500! I got to use a pre-production D500 (and a D5) at a local Nikon event recently, and it seemed that all the hype might actually be true, though I obviously haven't had a chance to play with any actual images. I can hardly wait to get mine!

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